hosta crusader photograph

Hosta Crusader. Photographed by Jim Soper at Soper's Hosta Garden, Lenexa, Kansas

Abba Dabba Do$13.95. Variegated sport of Sun Power. Displays the same beautiful form and 4’ plus size. Large, pointed dark green leaves have a bright gold margin and a distinctive twist. Sun tolerant, but the green bleaches to olive in strong sun. Light lavender flowers in summer.

Abby $9.95. Leaves are blue-green with lime to gold edge. This sport of Gold Drop is a rapid grower and forms a dense 8” high by 18” wide mound. Lots of lavender flowers in mid summer. Small clump, other sizes available.

Abiqua Drinking Gourd –– $14.95. Extremely cupped puckered blue leaves. Very distinct and unique form, thick leaves with excellent slug resistance. Mature size is about 3’ wide, with reports of plants larger than 4’ in diameter in 10 years. White flowers in mid summer. Limited number of larger plants available.

Albo Marginata$7.95. Common variegated hosta; grows well in many garden areas. Medium green leaves with white edge. Somewhat pointed leaves form a 24-30” mound. Light lavender flowers later in summer. 2-3 eye plants. Larger plants available. New single division, bare root plants available late April on request.

Aunt Margarets$9.95. A hosta ventricosa (species), originally from Jim’s Aunt Margaret’s yard many years ago, has large dark green, heart-shape leaves with twist at the tip. The leaf shape and impressive mound of a mature clump make this a beautiful solid green hosta. 3-4’ mound with purple and white striped flowers in summer. (2-3 eyes)

Blue Angel$13.95. One of the biggest and best blue hostas. Large blue to blue-green leaves are slightly pointed. Forms very pretty clump 5’ wide or more. Lovely near white flower clusters in summer.

Blue Arrow$11.95. Upright, narrow, pointed blue-green leaves. Forms medium sized mound (about 18”) and has white flowers in summer. Limited number of larger plants available.

Blue Mouse Ears$11.95. Dwarf hosta has cupped blue green leaves of very heavy substance. Forms symmetrical mound 12” across. Very cute and attractive plant. Lavender flowers in summer.

Captain Kirk – $14.95 some lager plants available

Cathedral Windows$15.95. Wide margined sport of Stained Glass. Brilliant yellow center. Beautiful coloration and one of our most popular hostas. Tolerates sun and heat like its parent. Forms 3’+ mound with fragrant white flowers.

Cool as a Cucumber – $15.95 (2 eyes)

Crusader$11.95. Nice heart shaped corrugated blue-green leaf with narrow white margin. Forms dense mound 15" tall, 30" wide. Shows more attractive blue coloring in deeper shade. Lavender flowers in summer.

Curly Fries$11.95. 

Dark Star - $11.95, new/single eye divisions $6.95 Narrow somewhat wavy blue-green leaves with creamy white margin. Forms attractive symmetrical mound. Very nice combination of size, shape, and color. Grows to about 18” and has lavender flowers. Limited number of larger plants available.

Earth Angel$15.95. Sport of Blue Angel, has the same impressive form of its parent. Light green margin lightens to creamy white later in the season. Grows to 5’ or more, and has great nearly white flowers in late spring.

El Niño - $15.95. Blue leaves have a bright white margin. El Niño is a sport of Halcyon, a proven performer that holds its blue color better than most hostas. We expect it to grow to about 2’. Lavender flowers in summer.

Grand Tiara – $9.95 2-3 eyes. Larger plants available.

Halcyon - $13.95. A favorite, older variety. Similar to Hadspen Blue, Halcyon is a good performer, with great substance and color. Holds color well. Young plants have narrow leaves that do not resemble the mature form. Grows to a little over 2’ wide and has lavender flowers in summer. Note: These plants are divisions from our own plants grown before the Hosta Virus X appeared in this variety.

High Socity – $15.95 

June$13.95,  Bright gold leaf with blue margin. Leaf center gradually turns chartreuse later in the season. Color holds well into summer with bright light. Very good sun tolerance. This is a great hosta for “transition areas” that get unfiltered sun part of the day. We’ve had good luck even with mid-day to afternoon sun. June is a sport of Halcyon, with the same good substance. Grows to about 18” wide with purple flowers in early summer. Limited number of larger plants available.

Krossa Regal$11.95. Forms an impressive upright mound of blue-gray foliage 3’ tall and 3’ wide. Flowers are light lavender and are on scapes that reach to 5’.

Lemon Frost - $11.95. White margined leaves are bright yellow in spring before turning green. Sport of Lemon Lime has same low growing form. Lavender flowers.

Liberty - $17.95

Munchkin Fire – $14.95. 

Pacific Blue Edger$9.95. Blue green sport of Gold Edger, low dense mounding habit. Vigorous and fast growing with a nice color. We expect these to be similar in shape but more blue than “Windstorm Blue”. Forms mound 8” tall and 12-15” around with lavender flowers in summer. Small clump, Larger plants available

Paradigm – 13.95 single eye, some lager plants available

Pauls Glory$13.95. Exceptional center variegation. Nice blue margin with on a gold center. The center lightens throughout the season to a parchment color. Performs well in light shade to part sun. Grows to just over 2’ in diameter with lavender flowers in early summer. Hosta of the Year in 1999.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake - $14.95. Fast-growing hosta with rippled lance shaped leaves. Leaves emerge all green change to gold with green margin by mid-summer. We expect the mature size to be 30-36” in diameter. Lavender flowers on tall scapes in late summer.

Pocketful of Sunshine – $15.95. Wide margined sport of Rainforest Sunrise.

Praying Hands – $14.95. Unusual upright leaves than stay folded. Usually 2-3 eyes, limited number of larger plants.

Rainforest Sunrise$15.95. Cupped yellow leaf – grows to 16”

Regal Splendor$13.95 Sport of Krossa Regal has a cream edge accenting the upright frosty blue foliage. Like Krossa Regal it forms an impressive upright mound 3’ tall and 3’ wide. Flowers are light lavender and are on scapes that reach to 4’.

Sagae$13.95, Vase shaped form with large frosty blue-green leaves with a creamy yellow margin. Hosta of the Year in 2000. Forms 3’ wide mound and has light lavender flowers in summer.

Stiletto$9.95. Very narrow medium green leaf with thin white margin. The wavy leaves and dense growth give a grass-like appearance. Very small, dwarf mound about 12” in diameter with nicely proportioned purple striped flowers in late summer.

Striptease - $15.95. This beautiful and unusual hosta is always commented on. Wide dark green leaf has a narrow gold center that is often highlighted with a white strip between the green and gold. Grows to about 2’ and has purple flowers.

Sum and Substance$13.95. Large, glossy, chartreuse to gold leaf has heavy, tough texture and exceptional pest resistance. Does well in shade and part sun, turning more gold with sun. We have grown it in nearly full sun. This is a large hosta award-winner and grows quite large; 5’ to 6’ diameter can be expected with reports of 9’ wide clumps. Light lavender flowers in mid summer.
Limited number of larger plants available. Limited number new single eye divisions $7.95

Sweet Home Chicago - $11.95, new/single divisions $7.95. This newer variegated sport of “Birchwood Parky’s Gold” has gold leaves with a wide green margin. The center brightens during the season. Sun tolerant. Medium to fast-growing, with a mature size of just under 4’. Lavender flowers on 30” scapes.
Limited number of larger plants available.

Touch of Class - $15.95. Wide margin sport of hosta June features gold centered leaves with very wide blue margin. Leaf center gradually turns chartreuse later in the season but holds well into summer with bright light. June has always been considered one of the most beautiful hostas, and many of our customers like the wide margin of Touch of Class even better. Very good sun tolerance. Grows to about 18” wide with purple flowers in early summer

Vulcan – $15.95. Limited number of larger plants available.

"Windstorm Blue” – $9.95. Divisions of a premium variety small blue-green hosta, from a major mailorder nursery, that became separated from identifying tags during a "windstorm". Strong growing and dense. Looks like a slightly larger blue-green form of gold edger. This is one of the fastest growing hosta we have. It’s great for mass planting and ground cover. Our 5 year olds are 24-28” wide, and have lots of lavender flowers in early summer. Small clump. Larger plants available. New divisions available by request